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Welcome to Lebow, Hicks Ltd.

Established in 1974 from predecessor companies, the firm of Lebow, Hicks Ltd.  consists of a dedicated group of real estate professionals.  The firm is active in the fields of:

  • Real estate valuation both commercial and residential

  • Consulting

  • Arbitration and mediation for commercial real estate disputes

  • Mortgage workouts

  • Selling and buying decisions

  • Litigation support and advisory services

  • Insurance replacement valuation

  • General advisory services

  • Real estate training and education (in association with our related firm, The Real Estate Academy Inc.)

With three decades of continued real estate service, the firm has built a solid reputation as a leader in their industry.  The staff members have undertaken assignments for worldwide clients, across Canada and into the United States.  From the smallest single family lot to a major mountain in British Columbia, the firm members are recognized authorities in real estate in Canada.

Our staff members belong to the leading recognized appraisal and real estate organizations in Canada and the United States which adhere to a program of constant recertification.  All senior staff members have the multiple designations in real estate recognized b y the courts, mortgage lenders and general users or professional real estate services.


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